Tonight I was inspired  to write about change.

To ponder its importance and to revel in its magnificence. It is the one thing inevitable and in relation to growth, the only thing that matters. We witness it every day…in others, in the world and in ourselves.

I started thinking about it’s depth, it’s certainty….and the thousands of miracles I’ve witnessed.

It is, quite possibly, the richest beauty that exists. I’ve have seen people rise from the underbelly of the beast and transform into the best of the human race.

To battle your flaws in a dignified way, walk through with imperfections and continue despite them —

It is what heroes are made of.

Our spirits can excel even through the darkness of dis-ease and self loathing. One only needs to believe ; believe in themselves, believe that they are deserving, believe that it will be different. It only takes a moment to trigger a snowball effect.

It doesn’t matter our catalyst…loss, grief, pain, broken hearts, backs or spirit….what matters is the act of change. Anyone else fear change? Don’t be afraid. Fear is only a thought that we create in out own minds.  Change is born out of knowledge, usually self-realization.

It doesn’t matter if we transform lives, buy a puppy or do one single good deed…what matters is growth. I have learned through trials and tribulations that I have been put here to transform my life. I am no saint. There are parts of my past that are as tainted as a slab of meat left rotting at the Equator. What I realized is that it makes no difference where we come from. Every day that I am granted breath is a day that I can try do more than exist. I get to live.

It doesn’t matter if, that in the act of change we go lower before we can see our way up….it only matters that we try.


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