writer’s dilemna

I have nothing to say today. Not a syllable, not even a hashtag. It’s challenging when the words don’t flow….when there is a lack of inspiration. On days like these, I do anything and everything I can to find it.

I stream write. I take care of myself spiritually. I do yoga. I smell roses, which usually ends in my poking my face with thorns. I look at up at the sky as if God is going to climb out of the clouds and deliver the perfect prose with a lightening bolt. I’ve tried on roller-skates to try to emulate the whole muse thing from Xanadu. Don’t laugh, I’m not kidding.

I used to get so hung up on the fear of having “writer’s block” until I asked a fellow writer what he did when he had writer’s block.

He said, “Writer’s block? No such thing. Keep writing.”

That writer’s name was Herbert Selby Jr.





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