Contemplating profound moments….longing for more than perfect seconds…Completion or lack there of  is more confusing than i had dreamed.  Eyes filled with something I cant explain (do I have a place in them?). Reflections that make me feel like I can take over the entire world, or at least my small meaningless corner of it.  Flirting with disaster?

Time. Past (to present) has become my enemy. Wishing to erase countless moments of sad as easily as I extinguished my last cigarette…..the feeling of being so physically empty you feel like you’re being eaten from the inside out.

If you could see my reflection through the broken shards could I be more than a night? Could I be a constant? Will I remain the consistent 24? Will I hear those words recanted? The words I refuse to utter for fear of a backhanded hall pass and a designer straight jacket.

My mind plays the night on repeat, like a needle in a beautifully worn groove. My body has changed —as it must when you feel so deeply for the first time….blood coarsing through my veins because you…well. because of you. Because of your eyes that see me…your words that move me…your laughter that warms me. Because of your touch that fills me as our bodies entertwine…

I never could have imagined time passing so slowly. I never could have imagined you.Image


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